Thursday, September 06, 2007

Week 2 - The True Potential Begins to Sprout

Mr Geoduck - Week 2
Mr. Geoduck

Do you love 826 Seattle? Do you think kids are the future? Do you understand the importance of writing and learning? Do you believe in do-goodery?

If you do, and you want to support 826 Seattle but don’t know any of the mustache farmers listed below, donate to Mr. Geoduck’s mustache!

Mr. Geoduck is the cantankerous publishing magnate who owns Justa Geoduck Publishing Co. and leads school kids on the wild Mr. Geoduck Publishing Fieldtrip. He is grumpy and ill tempered, but his heart is in the right place. A $20 donation sure would lift his spirts!

Adam Cox - Week 2
Adam Cox
Adam Spencer - Week 2
Adam Spencer
Andrew Dempsey - Week 2
Andew Dempsey
Ben Busby-Collins - Week 2
Ben Busby-Collins
Blaire Notrica - Week 2
Blaire Notrica
Brad Wilke - Week 2
Brad Wilke
and Elizabeth Duffell
Brendan Kiley - Week 2
Brendan Kiley
Brock Grubb - Week 2
Brock Grubb
Chris Morris - Week 1
Christopher Morris and
Manuela Insixiengmay
Cy Delgado - Week 2
Cy Delgado
Dan Baumfeld - Week 2
Dan Baumfeld
Team Brotherton Cockburn - Week 2
Team Brotherton-Cockburn
David Newman - Week 2
David Newman
Doug Woodbury - Week 2
Doug Woodbury and
Rebecca Brinson
Drew Johnson - Week 2
Drew Johnson
Eric Delfel - Week 2
Eric Delfel
Frederick Stivers - Week 2
Frederick Stivers
Joel Ballezza - Week 2
Joel Ballezza
John Duffell - Week 2
John Duffell
John Huddlestun - Week 2
John R. Huddlestun
Jon Allred - Week 2
Jon and Alex Allred
Justin Allan - Week 2
Justin Allan
Lucas Anderson - Week 2
Lucas Anderson
Martin Cron - Week 2
Martin Cron
Michael Brotherton - Week 2
Michael Brotherton
Reed Hutchins - Week 2
Reed Hutchinson
Robert Iff - Week 2
Robert Iff
Sam Smith - Week 2
Sam Smith and
Alice Pedersen
Scoop Jones - Week 2
Scoop Jones
Sean Bates - Week 2
Sean Bates
Shawn Foster - Week 2
Shawn Foster and
Jen Koogler
Tim Lloyd - Week 2
Tim Lloyd and
Julie Dekovich
Tim Miller - Shave Off
Tim Miller
Tom McDonald - Week 2
Tom McDonald and
Willow Emerson - Week 2
Willow and
Kevin Emerson

At Bumbershoot, Justin stumbled across Burlesque of North America, a poster and print design company. Amongst their awesome posters (of which he purchased several), he found a pack of Moustache Bandanas – two bandanas imprinted with four different mustaches. Good for robbing banks or for those with ‘stache envy, these hankerstaches were a hit at the second weigh in!

Justin Allan - Hankerstache

Justin sporting one of the Burlesque Moustache Bandanas!

With a robust turnout of farmers and fundraisers, this week's weigh-in was durn good, just like the weather and the beer that accompanied it. Mustache things were discussed: we found that a bright flash on a camera can wash out newer upper-lip hairs that have not yet fully matured. This led to a "to dye or not to dye" query. Would taking the Just-For-Men to the 'stache be a bold step in embracing and celebrating your fundraising tool, or would it be cheating? Discuss.

After almost two weeks' of growth, civilians outside of the 826 universe are starting to notice our brave heroes' mustaches for what they are, rather than assuming they merely forgot to shave. Farmers reported that people often looked at their upper lips instead of their eyes when conversing - we'll give Seattleites the benefit of the doubt and attribute this to awe and inspiration, rather than coarse objectification (hel-lo, my eyes are up here!).

We always stoutly defend mustaches, of course - and we made new internet friends that do, too! Check out the American Mustache Institute ( for all things 'stache, including the determination that Keith Hernandez has the top sports mustache of all time and a blog called "The Opinionated Mustache." AMI is all about bringing the mustache back to mainstream America, and seeing as they're headquartered in the stately shadow of St. Louis Arch - the world's largest mustache - we think they have a great start.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, Farmer Brendan posted about his progress on your favorite blog and mine, the Stranger's Slog: Hooray! If you found us through the Slog, and you can find a couple bucks in your budget between your Cap Hill rent and buying Bud Light out of a cooler at Pony, give us some love!

Other cookieduster news for the week: We brainstormed some pretty clever weekly names for Team Brotherton-Cockburn, but we can't tell you because their pictures wouldn't be as funny. Justin modeled his new mustache kerchiefs found at Bumbershoot (reversible! suitable for blondes AND brunettes!), temporarily obscuring his own beginnings of a wraparound. We also recruited 826’s new intern, Drew, to join in on the 'staching.

In closing, we'll leave you with another point of possible mustache contention that pries even deeper into our societal mores than the aforementioned dyeing question: To what extent should significant others have a say over their partners' facial hair? Is it something that must be decided as a couple or an individual? Would your political mustache shirt say, "My Face, My Choice!" OR "All Mustaches Deserve Two Loving Parents"...?


Anonymous said...

Dear administrators, I would like to donate via paypal and while that button is handy or whatever, it doesn't really make sense. It's a one time thing? Why? Why can't we see how much each have collected? Who's winning or needs help? A bio. Um, will they see who donated for them, do I have anonymity? Please explain in detail the what what so I can fork over some money. Please? Thank you.

Justin Allan said...

Hello and thank you for your comments. To address some of your hairier questions:

The PayPal DONATE button has been placed under each mustache farmer’s picture so you can donate to your favorite, or friends and family of the farmer can be sure to donate to the correct person.

Each donation is a one-time donation. If you would like to donate to more than one person, or donate each week, you are free to do so. We certainly don’t want keep ‘stache fans from pledging their repeated support.

When a donation is made to a mustache farmer via PayPal, the farmer will receive an email notification indicating who donated to them and how much. If you wish to make an anonymous donation, indicate so in the DONATION INSTRUCTIONS section of the PayPal checkout, send a donation via snail mail (826 Seattle, P.O. Box 30764 Seattle, Washington 98113), or by visiting the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co (8414 Greenwood Ave. N, in Seattle).

As for listing who is winning and who needs help, it it’s a good idea and we will certainly take it under advisement.

Regards – Mustache HQ