Monday, September 24, 2007

The Mysterious Tom-Selleck-Mustache Folk Art Movement

We at Mustache HQ have long been fans of actor Tom Selleck. Our youth was spent watching Magnum PI and “Three Men and a Baby” always arouses in us warm paternal memories. But never in our wildest imaginations did we believe there would be a strong and mysterious art movement dedicated entirely to Tom’s mustache.

A cursory search of “Tom Selleck” and “mustache” on google’s image search reveals hundreds if not thousands of people paying pencil, pen, and paint tribute to the King of The Un-Ironic Mustache. Where these people come from and what drives them to create such tributes will remain a mystery.

Here is just a selection of the artwork discovered online.

Cowboy Tom Selleck - In Pencil
More Cowboy Tom Selleck - In Pencil
Yet More Cowboy Tom Selleck - In CRAYON
Jumbo Size Tom Selleck - In Color
Disco Stu...I mean Tom Selleck viva La Disco!
Tom Selleck - again!
Collector Plate Tom Selleck
Tom Selleck in Sumi
Tom Selleck...we think
King of Mustaches Wallpaper
Needlepoint Tom Selleck

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