Saturday, August 04, 2007

Announcing the 2nd Annual 826 Seattle Mustache-a-thon – The Son of ‘Stache!

In 2006, a volunteer came to us with a rather kooky fundraising idea: Get a group of fearless men to put their naturally occurring facial follicles to good use, grow a very fashionable mustache, and gather financial support from family, friends, co-workers, ‘stache fans, and complete strangers. Though the twenty-six mustache farmers were a bit trepidacious at first, once the money started rolling in they embraced the event - and their mustaches - with gusto.

In less than six weeks, 826 Seattle, the brave mustache farmers, and their female fundraising teammates helped meet and exceed the $10,000 goal. Seattle Metropolitan wrote a follow-up article documenting the trials and tribulations of such lofty hirsute pursuits, and two other 826 chapters (Valencia and Michigan) were so taken by the idea they launched their own Mustache-A-Thons.

826 Seattle is all a-tingle to announce the second installment of this popular fundraiser – The 2nd Annual 826 Seattle Mustache-A-Thon–The Son of ‘Stache! With a new, loftier goal ($15,000), and new and exciting rules and contests, this year promises to be the break-out year for mustaches!


If you are a man with a cold, naked upper lip, or if your current soup strainer is in need of a dashing new do, and you have an itch to do your part to help young people write better, YOU ARE MUSTACHE-A-THON MATERIAL!

If you are a woman and want to push your upper lip fuzz to its questionable limits, if you are a woman who knows a man with available upper-lip real-estate, or if you are a woman who can champion the efforts of one of our mustache farmers, YOU ARE MUSTACHE-A-THON MATERIAL!

If you want to show fellow chapters 826 Valencia and 826 Michigan how a real man grows a handlebar, YOU ARE MUSTACHE-A-THON MATERIAL!

If you think mustaches are cool, kids are awesome, and writing is for winners, YOU ARE MUSTACHE-A-THON MATERIAL!


  • The 2nd Annual 826 Seattle Mustache-a-thon–Son of ‘Stache launches August 26th, at the volunteer picnic!
  • Mustache farmers and teammates meet weekly, every Wednesday, for photographs, grazing on mustache food (beer), and careful scientific mustache measuring and weighing!
  • Compete against the mysterious, nefarious Mr. Geoduck and win prizes!
  • Mutton chops encouraged! Goatees and beards strongly discouraged!
  • Gather Saturday, October 6th to revel in all things mustache, count the loot, and announce the Best in Show, Most Money Raised, and Best Celebrity Look-a-Like
  • Prizes donated by Archie McPhee and Co! Beer donated by Pig-N-Whistle!

You need not be physically present to participate! Simply commit to e-mailing us a weekly photo we can post on our mustache tracking website. We’ll have farmers sending us photos from overseas, while on cross-country road trips, and from recording studios.


If you would like to join as a mustache farmer or join a farmer’s team, or if you have any questions, contact826 Seattle Events Manager, Justin Allan at Complete details and fund-raising tools will be distributed at the launch party.

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