Monday, August 27, 2007

2007 Mustache A Thon Shave Off!

Click on a mustache to see it full-sized. Please support your local mustache farmers.
Adam Spencer - Shave Off
Adam Spencer
Andrew Dempsey - Shave Off
Andew Dempsey
Ben Busby Collins - Shave Off
Ben Busby-Collins
Blaire Notrica - Shave Off
Blaire Notrica
Brad Wilke - Shave Off
Brad Wilke
and Elizabeth Duffell
Brendan Kiley - Shave Off
Brendan Kiley
Brock Grubb - Shave Off
Brock Grubb
Who's Mustache?
Christopher Frizzelle
Chris Morris - Shave Off
Christopher Morris and
Manuela Insixiengmay
Cy Delgado - Shave Off
Cy Delgado
Dan Baumfeld - Shave Off
Dan Baumfeld
Brotherton Cockburn - Shave Off
Team Brotherton-Cockburn
David Newman - Shave Off
David Newman
Doug Woodbury - Shave Off
Doug Woodbury and
Rebecca Brinson
Eric Delfel - Shave Off
Eric Delfel
Frederick Stivers - Shave Off
Frederick Stivers
John Duffell - Shave Off
John Duffell
Jon Allred - Shave Off
Jon and Alex Allred
Justin Allan - Shave Off
Justin Allan
Willow (Kevin Emerson) - Shave Off
Willow - Kevin Emerson
Lucas Anderson - Shave Off
Lucas Anderson
Martin Cron - Shave Off
Martin Cron
Who's Mustache?
Matthew Leavenworth
Micheal Brotherton - Shave Off!
Michael Brotherton
Who's Mustache?
Mike Clauss
Mr Geoduck - Shave Off
Mr. Geoduck
Robert Iff - Shave Off
Robert Iff
Who's Mustache?
Sam Smith and
Alice Pedersen
Who's Mustache?
Sean Bates
Shawn Foster - Shave Off
Shawn Foster and
Jen Koogler
Tim Lloyd - Shave Off
Tim Lloyd and
Julie Dekovich
Tim Miller - Shave Off
Tim Miller
Who's Mustache?
Toffer Lehnherr
Tom Johnson - Shave Off
Tom Johnson
Tom McDonald - Shave Off
Tom McDonald and

It Begins!

Like other 826 chapters in our great land, we in Seattle noticed that August 26th is a pretty handy day for 826-related activities.

While we didn't have a moonbounce like Valencia or Demetri Martin like NYC, we had a picnic shelter at Carkeek Park that would’ve made Thoreau proud: a stunning view of Puget Sound, Doug's marinated portobello caps, Jen's vegan coleslaw (secret ingredient – garlic aioli!), great weather, and a dessert-to-entree ratio of approximately 17:1.

8/26 marked our second-annual Volunteer Appreciation Picnic and, new this year, Mustache Summer Camp!

Indeed, 30+ follicle farmers are off and growing in our Second Annual Mustache-a-Thon: the Son of 'Stache! Mustache kits (the contents of which are on this page) were distributed at our picnic and “Ask Me About My Mustache!” buttons were proudly pinned to t-shirts.

Fundraising plans were also discussed. Per esempio, participants – put a link to this blog in your email signature, offer to match the gifts (if you can) of penny-pinching friends and bring up your efforts in the presence of your rich dowager aunts as often as possible!

If you’re a visitor to this blog consider giving and check out the farmers' portraits! Ben from Ballard Organics, Dan from Neptune Coffee (826 Seattle’s new neighbor!) and Shawn from Scarecrow Video are all representin’ some pretty sweet local businesses – perhaps you will donate in honor of your favorite neighborhood enterprise! Or, perhaps you will put your money on the man you think will end the sixth week with the bushiest, bristliest cookie duster. Perhaps you will even out the playing field by giving equally to each farmer. Or perhaps you‘ll contribute to Mr. Geoduck's flagrantly wicked mustache. It is your choice as a discerning mustache supporter!

In closing, some words of advice to our hirsute heroes. A quick google of “food to grow hair” tells me that a diet rich in amino acids, B & E-vitamins, beta carotene, lean proteins and plenty of water assists in rapid hair growth.

Whether you want to go so far as to replace your face wash with Mane N' Tail shampoo is up to you.

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