Thursday, October 04, 2007

WEEK 6 - The Final 'Stache-Down

Mr Geoduck - Week 6
Mr. Geoduck

Do you love 826 Seattle? Do you think kids are the future? Do you understand the importance of writing and learning? Do you believe in do-goodery?

If you do, and you want to support 826 Seattle but don't know any of the mustache farmers listed below, donate to Mr. Geoduck's mustache!

Mr. Geoduck is the cantankerous publishing magnate who owns Justa Geoduck Publishing Co. and leads school kids on the wild Mr. Geoduck Publishing Fieldtrip. He is grumpy and ill tempered, but his heart is in the right place. A $20 donation sure would lift his spirts!

Adam Cox - Week 6
Adam Cox
Adam Spencer - Week 6
Adam Spencer
Andrew Dempsey - Week 6
Andew Dempsey
Ben Busby-Collins - Week 6
Ben Busby-Collins
Blaire Notrica - Week 5
Blaire Notrica
Brad Wilke - Week 6
Brad Wilke
and Elizabeth Duffell
Brendan Kiley - Week 5
Brendan Kiley
Brock Grubb - Week 4
Brock Grubb
Chris Morris - Week 3
Christopher Morris and
Manuela Insixiengmay
Cy Delgado - Week 6
Cy Delgado
Dan Baumfeld - Week 6
Dan Baumfeld
Team Brotherton Cockburn - Week 6
Team Brotherton-Cockburn
David Newman - Week 6
David Newman
Doug Woodbury - Week 6
Doug Woodbury and
Rebecca Brinson
Drew Johnson - Week 6
Drew Johnson
Eric Delfel - Week 6
Eric Delfel
Frederick Stivers - Week 4
Frederick Stivers
Joel Ballezza - Week 6
Joel Ballezza
John Duffell - Week 6
John Duffell
John Huddlestun - Week 5
John R. Huddlestun
Jon Allred - Week 6
Jon and Alex Allred
Justin Allan - Week 6
Justin Allan
Martin Cron - Week 6
Martin Cron
Michael Brotherton - Week 5
Michael Brotherton
Reed Hutchinson - Week 6
Reed Hutchinson
Robert Iff - Week 6
Robert Iff
Sam Smith - Week 6
Sam Smith and
Alice Pedersen
Scoop Jones - Week 6
Scoop Jones
Sean Bates - Week 4
Sean Bates
Shawn Foster - Week 6
Shawn Foster and
Jen Koogler
Tim Lloyd - Week 6
Tim Lloyd and
Julie Dekovich
Tom McDonald - Week 6
Tom McDonald and
Willow Emerson - Week 6
Willow and
Kevin Emerson

We are down to the last three days of the Second Annual Mustache-A-Thon – Son of ‘Stache. The sense of relief is palpable, the excitement electric in the air. Donations are rolling in faster than we can count!

On October 4th, at 4 PM, 826 Seattle Executive Director Teri Hein and Mustache Farmer Brad Wilke will be on Komo 4 News, talking about the Mustache-A-Thon. Look for it!

To all Mustache Farmers, Sponsors, Donors, Cheerleaders, and Well-Wishers:
Thank you!
Thank you for leasing us your upper lip!
Thank you for the donations!
Thank you for your humor, excitement and Selleckiness!

UPDATE: As of 2:30 PM on October 4, we passed the $10,000 mark.

Yes – you read that right - $10,000. The power of the ‘stache must not be underestimated.

A curious thing has occurred over the past six weeks. I dream about mustaches. I find myself mining the web for images of mustaches. I see celebrities with mustaches and I admire their daring fashion sense and long to be like them. I peruse the men’s grooming section of the drug store longer than I used to.

I think I have become a fan of mustaches.

I see mustaches everywhere, and often compare the ‘staches of my friends with the ‘staches on TV. Lo’ and behold, several of our Mustache Farmers look curiously like famous men. With mustaches.


Mustaches Separated at Birth ONE


Mustaches Separated at Birth TWO


Mustaches Separated at Birth THREE


Mustaches Separated at Birth FOUR


Mustaches Separated at Birth FIVE


Mustaches Separated at Birth SIX


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